Join Us For a Closing Brunch with the Artists, Sunday May 5th

Rosa Valado 

"A Fine Line" Exhibition Extended Through May 5th

Rob de Oude

Rodger Stevens

Rosa Valado

Closing Brunch: Sunday May 5th 3pm

"A Fine Line" features works by Rob de Oude, Rodger Stevens and Rosa Valado. This exhibition explores the concept of layering and repetition as a means of achieving a unified whole while exploring the sum of its parts. Simple elements weave together to create tapestries of grand design, with limitless functions available to each individual part. Through repetition and meticulous placement, base materials like copper wire and masking tape take on a greater form, creating visual stability while inviting close visual scrutiny. Crisscrossing lines, concentric circles, and repeating forms become their own miniature works, elemental to the final form yet definitive in their own right.

Each of the artists in the exhibition use the texture of overlapping linear forms to create a much larger whole. Rob de Oude makes straight lines bend using a complicated and overlapping grid, while Rodger Stevens bent linear sculptural works bring two dimensional linear forms to life in his overwhelming room-sized installation, and Rosa Valado’s architectural table-top configuration confounds and astounds with small, yet massive-seeming wire and metal forms.