Performances at the Front Room Gallery this Saturday

Saturday, June 29th at 8PM
Fuse Works presents an evening of performances by:

Naval Cassidy
Jeremy D Slater

Saturday evening we will present live sound and video by three of the artists included in the current Fuse Works show "There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Yours".

Tmm Mulligan and Xhe Xhen are Corcorax, an electroacoustic improvised audio duo. Mulligan plays a gutted turntable with contact mikes and Xhe Xhen plays double reel-to-reel with custom modified heads to create live endless loops. Their new cassette-only release "Tape/Circles" released by Obsolete Units is in heavy rotation at the our show on a vintage boom box encased in automobile primer paint. Get it here!

Jeremy D Slater's performances include sound and live performed video that is ambient and sometimes interactive/reactive. His performance Saturday will incorporate his new record, seoul, produced using field recordings collected during his residency at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in South Korea. Fuse Works published seoul, a clear vinyl 1-sided 10" with the one side screen-printed at Bushwick Print Lab. Slater's record is also in heavy rotation at the Fuse Works exhibition. Get it here!

Naval Cassidy is an instant cinema artist who pulls delirious visions from tiny objects which collide in front of his camera and intermingle with liberal use of video wipes, all set to reeling off-kilter soundtracks. He has condensed his recent performance, Hot Lips, into an abbreviated version called Hot Lips in About Five Minutes, which is made portable, packaged in monogrammed USB drive in an edition of 13. Cassidy will perform variations on Hot Lips Saturday. Get the USB drive here!

Corcorax, Jeremy D Slater, Naval Cassidy
Live audio/video performances
Front Room Gallery
147 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, June 29th at 8PM

The exhibition "There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Yours" is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until July 7th. for more information. 

Opening Friday June 14th 7-9PM

There are many like it, but this one is yours

June 14th - July 7th, 2013
Opening reception: Friday June 14th 7-9pm

Performances: Mark Stilwell, June 21st & 22nd, 8pm
Naval Cassidy, Jeremy Slater and Corcorax, June 29th, 8pm

Fuse Works is pleased to present its fifth exhibition of new multiples at Front Room Gallery, curated by Amanda Alic and Ethan Crenson. The exhibition features artist’s multiples including books, prints, audio and video art recently added to the Fuse Works program. The exhibition also debuts two editions produced through Fuse Works’ publishing initiative.

There are many like it, but this one is yours continues Fuse Works’ exploration of role of the editioned “thing” in contemporary art. The 32 artists in the exhibition practice a broad range of approaches to the multiple as a critical medium. The results range from doormats (Celeste Fichter) to predator drone hummingbird feeders (John Marriott) to paper coffee cups (Christina Kelly) to mutilated die-cast car models (Peter Feigenbaum).

Approaches to the book include their use as substrate for alteration and embellishment (Luca Bertolo), their creation as a conceptual framework to record time passing (Seldon Yuan) and as a linear narrative reflecting on the value of the tiniest unit of currency (Serge Onnen).

The audio and video contributions include a new limited edition audio cassette byCorcorax (Tmm Mulligan and Xhe Xhen), a screen printed 10” vinyl record by Jeremy Slater (published by Fuse Works), and a new video by Naval Cassidy (aka Jonathan Giles).

Works on paper include the Hollywood movie posters overlaid with the artist’s detailed memories of the film (Amanda Tiller), a graphically disassembled and refigured pin-up on newsprint (Sarah Vogwill) and an anti-capitalist agitprop poster that doubles as tissue paper to wrap purchases from the gallery (James Leonard, also published by Fuse Works).

Performances: June 21st & 22nd at 8 pm, FREE, Mark Stilwell presents The Super Defense Force vs. The Tittanno Beasts (The Transformation of the Omega Redeemer). The performance installation will transform the gallery into a massive cityscape constructed of cardboard and plastic detritus reclaimed from the trash. In this miniature city massive monsters and robots made of similar materials clash in loud combat accompanied by live music and stage effects. The performance is produced as part of Make Music New York.

Saturday June 29th at 7 pm, FREE, performances by Naval Cassidy, Jeremy Slater and Corcorax. Naval Cassidy will create instant cinema using props and video from his multiple, Hot Lips. Jeremy Slater will incorporate the audio from his 10” LP Seoul, with field recordings and video. Corocorax (Tmm Mulligan and Xhe Xhen) will perform variations on Tape/Circles, their new cassette-only release.

There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Yours featuring:

Join us Sunday afternoon to hear Ross Racine discuss his unusual process. Sunday, June 9th is the final day of "Left at Crystal Brook Boulevard." Enjoy a late brunch with the artist and the Front Room.

"Left at Crystal Brook Boulevard," is a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Ross Racine. In this series Racine has added color to his palette, creating a layer of mystery and intrigue to his aerial depictions of fictional suburban communities. Racine is also working on a larger scale, allowing the viewer to be absorbed in the intricacies of his realistic and exaggerated infrastructure. This shift in scale and color allows Racine to further push the boundary between expected and unexpected, creating a sense of abstraction within realistic compositions.

Ross Racine creates his hyper-real suburban landscapes with a uniquely developed drawing method combining the languages of drawing and digital imaging. The importance of color varies greatly from image to image, as some images are saturated, some have subdued tints, and some revert back to pure gray scale. The decisions about color are made as each image evolves during the process of creation, and its final form is meant to reinforce a particular mood that matches the character of the landscape.
Racine’s works on paper present realistic and structural layouts of invented subdivisions, which illustrate the insulated conditions common in these types of developments. Using an omniscient viewpoint from above, Racine creates intricate layouts of communities that are filled with nuanced detail. The aerial atmosphere of each work presents a particular mood that matches its character.

In Racine's piece "Pleasant Hills," streets bend and swerve in all directions, revealing a vision of community where there are no straight lines, no parallels and no real divisions. There is an air of playfulness in the work; the shortest distance between two points is no longer the straight line, creating a world where rigidity and structure lose potency in the face of uninhibited creative exploration.

Ross Racine draws a cross section between the tangible reality of suburbia and the illusionary realm, concisely depicting the disconnection between desire and its actualization, questioning the feasibility and logic in fulfilling dreams of private space within a community, the luxury of easy access to stores and goods, a neighborly atmosphere, and the overarching attraction to "more."