Mark Masyga "Lost Horizon" Exhibition Opens Friday, February 20th

Mark Masyga: Lost Horizon
February 20th - March 15th
Opening Reception: Friday February 20th, 7-9pm  

Front Room Gallery is proud to present "Lost Horizon" a solo exhibition of new works by the artist, Mark Masyga. Featuring painting and sculpture, Masyga's compositions have lively linear elements balanced with a sensitive, yet intense sense of color. Mark Masyga uses line to enhance both specificity and ambiguity, creating a sense of mystery.

 Created concurrently with the paintings are constructions made with wood, plaster, Structolite and other materials. Masyga's sculptural works amplify and resonate with the paintings, activating a nuanced experience, as seen independently and in tandum with his two-dimensional works. These pieces evoke landscape and exhibit architectural traits in a different way than the paintings do, while maintaining a high degree of specificity. The Folly of Fragonard is the second in a series of larger-scale sculptural works. The work on display is a re-imagination of Fonthill Abbey, the infamous Gothic revival English country house built (and ultimately collapsed under its own weight) under the hasty direction of William Thomas Beckford, circa 1813.

Building from concepts in previous works, which refer to imagery of construction sites, ruins or natural disasters, Masyga is now minimizing his use representational references. These new works focus on Masyga's development of his visual vocabulary, utilizing mark-making, forms, and style as indicators which infer rather than direct to these references. Building from the core concepts stemming from the origin of 'utopia', Masyga's recent works hint at locale and structure, but rely on the integrity of the forms, linework and palette in an insulated manner. There is a playfulness in the search and discovery within Mark Masyga's recent body of work which is challenging and engaging.