Join us to celebrate 10 years of the Front Room gallery from 7-9 featuring our 10th Anniversary exhibition with works by: Amanda Alic, Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Ethan Crenson, Eric Guzman, Sean Hemmerle, Stephen Mallon, Allan Packer, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Philip Simmons, Patricia Smith, Mark Stilwell,
Edie Winograde, up through November 22nd.

After 10:30pm the gallery will transform into party mode for our Annual Halloween Party. Costumes Required.
We will have some deliciously spooky beverages, but please bring along some additional drinks to add to the festivities.

10th Anniversary Exhibition

Please join us October 31st from 7-9 to celebrate our 10th year Anniversary.

We are pleased to announce our 10th anniversary exhibition celebrating a decade of art, installation and performance at 147 Roebling Street. We are proud to have had the opportunity over the last ten years to work with so many talented artists, and in this show we are offering a glimpse of some of our favorites. Featuring works by: Amanda Alic, Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Ethan Crenson, Eric Guzman, Sean Hemmerle, Stephen Mallon, Allan Packer, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Philip Simmons, Patricia Smith, Mark Stilwell and Edie Winograde.

Amanda Alic's
photography captures the construction of our personal and public character, domesticity, pleasure and discord. Her works range from "straight" photography to video processed images.

Sasha Bezzubov’s
photographs the destruction caused by natural disasters as evidence of the fragility of the man-made, as it is transformed into dreamscapes of apocalyptic proportions.

Thomas Broadbent’s
room-sized installations have included inflatable sewn sculptures, video, billboards, and ice sculpture. He addresses social and political issues with a humor that serves to expose inherent contradictions.

Ethan Crenson’s works are directed at the givens of contemporary culture. Social boundaries, language and commerce collide with odd, sometimes repulsive materials that speak their own language of discord and dissent.

Erik Guzman's sculptural aesthetic combines graphic icons, church architecture and components from Japanese patterns and temples to produce works which often incorporate dazzling light, polished aluminum and plexiglass and are activated by the presence of a viewer.

Sean Hemmerle’s
most recent photo series, “The American Rust Belt,” shot along the banks of the Great Lakes, covers cities of importance in the American auto industry and gives us a melancholy look at the grandiose ruins of American exceptionalism.

Stephen Mallon's
large-scale photographs in the series "Brace For Impact: the aftermath of flight 1549,” taken during the salvage of the fuselage and engine, impart a physicality and scale to these incomprehensible occurrences.

Allan Packer's
extensive and impressive body of work examines elemental and cultural ideas. Packer relates his experiences and travels through large-scale sculptures that revive lesser known cultural ideas

Melissa Pokorny's “homemade cultural probes” are assemblages consisting of quirky casts, found objects, and synthetic building materials.

Emily Roz unleashes the fury and frustration of these uncertain times through images of wild animals, blatantly revealing their primordial aggression.

Philip Simmons merges contours of American imagery, defining new icons for this century. His elegant silhouetted forms revel in the machismo culture so particularly American with the glorification of the Wild West, gunfights between cowboys and Indians, soldiers, and ultimately war.

Patricia Smith makes use of Rococo-like ornamentation characterized by lightness and delicacy, and creates fantastical structures that resemble both microorganisms and planetary surfaces.

Mark Stilwell's
works are relief painting / installations constructed from cardboard, paper mache, and various materials from 99 cent stores. Stilwell's installations take the form of invading armies of creatures amongst urban neighborhoods.

Edie Winograde
has photographed reenactments of events in the history of Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion, presented in their original locales.