The 4rd Quadrennial: The Ballot Show

The Front Room Presents
The 4rd Quadrennial:

The Ballot Show
October 14th-23th, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday Oct 14th 7-9
Viewing hours: Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appointment

The Front Room Gallery is proud to present the Fourth quadrennial "Ballot Show", which focuses on the American electoral system, and the overall notion of voting with a ballot. "The Ballot Show," held every 4 years since 2004, is inspired by the American election, and contemplates our antiquated electoral-college voting process.

The impetus for the first "Ballot Show" was disillusionment with the shoddy way the 2000 election had been handled”hanging chads, votes not counted, people not allowed into the polls, the Supreme Court decision. Many artist's works in the following two versions of the exhibition (in 2008 and in 2012) dealt with the archaic nature of our electoral process, but also with the feeling that we as a people aren't happy with the choices that we are offered. This year we are faced with an election with the two least popular candidates ever, and it seems both side's votes are driven by hatred of the other sides contender. This election is a turbocharged reality show fueled by accusations and innuendo live on 24 hour social media. It's possible the only actual fact we will see in this whole campaign is that one person will be elected in November.

Featuring works by: Daniel Aycock, Julia Whitney Barnes, Tyra Bombetto, Richard Borge, Thomas Broadbent, Phil Buehler, Ken Butler, Ethan Crenson, Dave Cole, Linda Ganjian, Hubert Dobler, Robert Egert, Patricia Fabricant, Peter Fox, Enrico Gomez, Sean Hemmerle, Kim Holleman, David Kramer, Jesse Lambert, Lisa Levy, Stephen Mallon, Sascha Mallon, Karen Marston, Mark Masyga/Christopher Johnson, Kelly Parr, Ross Racine, Marshall Reese/Nora Ligorano, Hector Rene, Daniel Rosenbaum, Emily Roz, Sante Scardillo, Philip Simmons, Jeremy Slater, Mark Stilwell, Miho Suzuki, Jim Torok, Kathleen Vance, Cibele Vieria, Monika Wuhrer, Guy Ben-Ari, Ahron Weiner and more!!