Opening Reception of "The Shadows of Panspermia"

Join us this Friday from 7-9pm for the opening reception of "The Shadows of Panspermia" with new work by Gregory Curry and Lisa DiLillo.

The Shadows of Panspermia
with works by: Gregory Curry and Lisa DiLillo
April 16th—May 16th
Reception: Friday, April 16th, 7-9
Hours Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appt.

The Front room gallery is proud to present "Shadows of Panspermia," an exhibition featuring paintings by Gregory Curry and photographs by Lisa DiLillo. Both artists create dreamlike, ambiguous, landscapes. By avoiding easily recognizable elements of our environment these two artists give us new perspectives on our surroundings.

Gregory Curry states that the mission of his paintings is "to contemplate a post human environment inspired by and extrapolated from the various dynamic conditions now impacting on the human animal." The entities that populate his paintings seem imbued with pure energy on a primordial level, set against a background of contrasting complimentary colors. Yet Curry still utilizes familiar modes of representation such as rendering, perspective and classic spatial relationships in a way that draws the viewers into these uncanny realms.

Lisa DiLillo's images, in contrast, are actual photographs of elemental forms existing in nature. DiLillo focuses on environments in transition using common materials such as bubble gum, air freshener gels, glue, shampoo, Styrofoam, and glitter to create luminous, sparkling terrain. In DeLillo's photographs ordinary materials are imbued with transcendent qualities, building on such qualities of light as fugitive light trails, reflections, and translucence.