Second Friday Event at Front Room

2nd Friday Event at Front Room Gallery

Join us this Friday from 7-10pm for an evening of Sound Performance curated by Jeremy Slater in conjunction with our current exhibition, "In-Habitat."

Friday February 10th, 7-10

Ian Epps

Gregory Reynolds
Maria Papadomanolaki (Dalot) and ( )

Ian Epps, is a Sonic/Visual Artist whose explorations are invested in how an object speaks, utters, and dissolves itself within its given surroundings. His work has been exhibited in the Walker Art Center, Lovebytes Biennial (Sheffield, UK), A.I.R. Gallery (NYC), EYEDRUM (Atlanta, GA), and SIGGRAPH. He has performed alongside and in collaboration with Rafael Toral, Andrew Deutsch and Pauline Oliveros, Mountains, Jozef Van Wissem among many others. Epps’s recent releases can be found on SoftL Music, Grain of Sound, Powershovel Audio, On;(do), Seasonal, and Unframed Recordings. free mp3 release

Maria Papadomanolaki is a Greek sound artist, curator and author, currently based in New York City. She works within the fields of experimental and electro-acoustic composition, including sound design for dance and video, field recording, telematic performance, installation and radio art. Papadomanolaki aims to establish a refined relationship with space, memory and identity through the many different manifestations of sound as a source material, a carrier of a dense network of information, an aesthetic intervention, a physical or ethereal trigger and a form of detritus or novelty and re-evaluation, just to name a few important ones. Her work is also characterized by the notions of participatory understanding and exploration of shared experiences and surrounding environments, as well as the sonification of textural and material peculiarities such as the hidden life of surfaces and urban architectural structures. In the past, she has worked extensively on text-based soundpieces and on the idea of expanding a written text in space through the use of interactive music software; a field that she often revisits.

Jeremy D. Slater
a.k.a. ( ) is a sound artist essentially, but also works with video and sound in performance and installation settings. Performances include sound and live performed video that is ambient and sometimes reactive. Video work also includes single and multiple channel videos for screening and installations with sound and ephemeral sculpture. Jeremy was one of the 1999 recipients of the Computer Art Fellowship from New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) and has attended the Experimental Television Residency was artist in residence at Seoul Art Space in Geumcheon in Seoul, South Korea. He has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally.

Gregory Reynolds is a multi-instrumentalist/composer who lives in Queens. He is going to perform a piece for electric guitar that is informed/inspired by the ocean(s), tidal patterns, standing waves, and electric fans.

Rothwell is a member of the band Frogwell. In this band he sings and plays guitar, flute, autoharp, dulcimer, shruti box, percussion, keyboards, sampler and electronics. He also plays in Taxidermy Cats on Subwoofers, Caledonian Laughing Bags and North Window. He records under the alias of Laughing Bag. Current whereabouts unknown.