“Space of Mind, works on paper” Opens Friday, February 26th

“Space of Mind, works on paper”
With works by: Thomas Broadbent, Emily Roz and Patricia Smith
February 26th-March 28th
Reception: Friday, February 26th, 7-9
Williamsburg Armory Event: Saturday, March 6th, 7-midnight
Hours: Friday-Sunday 1-6 and by appointment

We are pleased to present, “Space of Mind, works on paper” a three artist exhibition of the medium, including works by Thomas Broadbent, Emily Roz and Patricia Smith.

In this exhibition, Patricia Smith presents a series of drawings that re-create the physical space within the mind, mapping ideas and thoughts, giving a logical designation on paper to the intangible. Elusive concepts become concrete under the hand of Smith as she delicately lays out paths and constructions, marking these thoughts like territories. The language Patricia Smith uses clarifies desires and creates a foundation for imaginative thinking to flourish.

Emily Roz’s new works in this show captivate the viewer with images of core animalistic behaviors in feeding. Roz investigates this most basic primitive directive, with stunning depictions of wild animals in seemingly native habitats, revealed as illusion, with her insertion of domestic floral. These works display the incongruity within wild, natural impulses and the human desire to cultivate beauty, with the propagation of plant-life.

Thomas Broadbent, known for his large-scale sculptural installations, presents new works on paper that explore existentialistic ideas through trompe l’oeil representations of seemingly unrelated objects and scenes. These works stride between illusion and metaphor to consider the physical reality of each piece and its representative elements. Broadbent’s detailed watercolors and drawings question the utility of each component when presented in such a manner to disengage and re-present their perceived use.